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Generosity all around

Leaving the wonders of the Southwest behind, Greencroft welcomed me.  I discovered that the attendants had cleaned my “castle,” and locked its doors. My Joyce had watered my small container flowers placed among the memory stones on my small patio. … Continue reading

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Teenagers, Popes, Mennonite Conferences, & Nonogenerians

“Teenager” brains can convince teens  that they are always right and that they know better than their elders what to do.   They are dead wrong about that, as they will acknowledge later when the brain changes, and they discover … Continue reading

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Make new by grafting

Lead Pastor Phil Waite and College Mennonite Church has been given a grant for a sabbatical leave that includes his family and the congregation.  The foundation for Phil’s activities was laid by Joe Springer. Joe is a mentor to Phil’s … Continue reading

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