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The right to life (or a dove tale)

We had two doves in our small aviary.  They cooed up a storm to our annoyance. They were two males cooing for a mate.  When they were replaced with a proper pair there was quiet.  They lay and hatched two eggs. … Continue reading

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The Vulnerability of God

Richard Rohr sometimes comments about the weakness of God.  According to the Bible the omnipotent God has made himself vulnerable to the foolishness of humanity. According to the ancient story God was not satisfied with a garden filled with trees and bushes … Continue reading

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That was then; This is now

About a week ago I saw that a special guest lecturer was coming to the Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary. I said to myself that I would like to hear the lectures by Hans De Wit. That was then, and then … Continue reading

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