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Mohammad Ali and the ego of the meek

This noon I had lunch with Rachel, my daughter, at Rachel’s Bread.  It was a happy choice for us. I told the two Rachels  that when I told my mother  that she had a granddaughter named Rachel my mother exclaimed … Continue reading

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Teenagers, Popes, Mennonite Conferences, & Nonogenerians

“Teenager” brains can convince teens  that they are always right and that they know better than their elders what to do.   They are dead wrong about that, as they will acknowledge later when the brain changes, and they discover … Continue reading

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Some thoughts related to Isaac Villegas

Winter cold is suspended and the warmth of spring has finally fully arrived in Goshen, and with it is a bumper crop of strawberries. My Joyce bought a flat, and I bought two boxes. I put some bran flakes in … Continue reading

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