My Joy, she is!

Joyce as a High School graduate

Joyce as a High School graduate

A friend suggested that it may be time to remove the mystery surrounding My Joy. She agreed that now is the time for Joyce (Stutzman) Buschert to be introduced to the readers of my  blog. She was the second of five children born to Earl William and Esther Ella (Eicher) Stutzman from Milford, Nebraska.

Her parents were Mennonite farmers. As Joyce grew she helped her mother in the garden and with canning the produce, etc. She helped her father milk cows in morning and evening, as many as four in the morning before leaving for school. She husked corn with her dad and older brother.  She much preferred indoor work and dreamed of marrying a city man.

David and Joyce on Wedding Day

David and Joyce on Wedding Day

Joyce got her first job at age 20. When 22 yrs. old, she volunteered to serve at the Mennonite Youth Village, White Pigeon, Michigan.  There she met John Lederach, another volunteer, who encouraged her to go to Hesston College in Kansas.

While at Hesston, David Buschert,  a handsome lanky Canadian, asked her for a date. The friendship grew and in 1954 he asked her to follow him to Goshen, Indiana, which she did.   In Goshen she worked for an attorney and his wife caring for their two children and preparing meals.  They were married in Nebraska on December 28, 1954. The two became a team. Their first home was in Goshen where Joyce worked on an assembly line in a factory for one semester while David studied at Goshen College


Joyce across from me today at Olive Gardens in Elkhart

They paused in their Goshen interests to move for one year (1955) to Preston, Ontario. Joyce enrolled in Galt Business College and graduated while David worked in construction. After that one year they returned to Goshen.

After David graduated from Goshen College, they moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana for him to earn a degree in civil engineering from the  Indiana Institute of Technology.  During this time Joyce gave birth to two daughters, one of whom is now my daughter- in-law. After receiving his engineering degree David was employed by Columbia Gas of Ohio. During his employment they lived in Columbus and Toledo, Ohio. David retired at age 65. While in Toledo Joyce worked for 13 years for Associated Anesthesologists of Toledo as an office clerk.  In 2003 they moved closer to family in South Bend, Indiana, and in 2010 they moved to Greencroft.


Martin and Joyce at College Mennonite Church

Throughout their married life they moved several times and attended different churches. This allowed them to make many friends.  Joyce learned to extend a friendly smile to strangers and welcome them to a new church.

David’s hobby was all about trains and railroads. They made frequent trips to Canada to visit David’s family. They traveled together and sometimes separate to such places as Thailand, Alaska, and Europe. In 2008 Joyce wrote her memoir entitled “My Life’s Journey.” She loaned me a copy as a source for this post, which she helped me write.

Now David is gone and so is Rhoda. We like to listen to each other talk about her David and my Rhoda, whom I remember as My Rose.

Joyce is amazing
faithful industrious fun
His Joyce is My Joy


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  1. Miriam Showalter says:

    Thank you for the introduction, Martin! Very pleased to meet you, Joy/ce!

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