Emergency Alert


Neighbor Dee and Rachel exchanging news at our mail box. CLICK TO SEE PICTURES AS A SLIDESHOW

Readers in Elkhart and surrounding counties know full well that we are under a travel emergency alert. Here in this house we are under other major alerts. You know of Eldon’s fall and the trauma he is experiencing in his neck.


Philosophy of life posted on freezer door

But there is another emergency that makes us laugh. You remember, perhaps, that we recently remodeled our kitchen/dinning room and purchased a new refrigerator/freezer. Unexpectedly we discovered to our dismay that the new freezer/refrigerator was not working and frozen items were melting. We pushed all the buttons in the book and suggested by a repairman to no avail.  Rachel asked Eldon, aren’t we glad for those years in Haiti when in any emergency we learned how to “make do.”  There is a philosophy of life that takes us along.

So we moved melting items to the freezer in the basement and put perishable items in ice chests and set them  outside our back door between the black step and snow drift of snow piled just beyond the back step.


Ice Chests in the Snow

Eldon’s surgery is at 6:20 tomorrow morning in Memorial Hospital, South Bend when it is to be  – 14 with a wind chill factor of – 33   according to the weather forecast. To avoid traveling in the early morning, Rachel and Eldon have rented a hotel room in South Bend for tonight. That means that son Phil, grandson Khalid, and me will be home alone until Rachel and Eldon return no later, we trust, than Wednesday Morning.


Phil clearing the driveway

Eldon called the Sherif’s office for advice. He was told that if he has a hospital appointment he should keep it, but to travel only in towns where the roads have been cleared.  Now at 6:30 p.m., Rachel and Eldon are on their way. Phil had cleared the drive.  Waterford Church people plan to bring dinners to us.   All is well!

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