Rhoda 2

In Memory of Rhoda

In Memory of Rhoda

This is the next to the last full day of Rhoda’s life on earth.  Perhaps that is the reason I have had a hard time completing this blog.

After Rhoda and I both retired we were invited to move to Sunnyside Retirement Village similar to Landis Homes and Greencroft, only much smaller.  We were being honored for our life times of church ministry.

Rachel came from Indiana to help us sort through our belongings. She went with us to our apartment with a tape measure to help us decide what we could put in our small apartment.  We were told that in time our need for space would grow less and less. We held a yard sale and gave things away. Conrad, neighbors and friends used their strength and vehicles to move us and our stuff.

Sunnyside Garden Apartments and Lake

Sunnyside Garden Apartments and Lake

We enjoyed Sunnyside. Rhoda found a ministry with some women who put puzzles together on the second floor of our garden apartment.  Also, she enjoyed a prayer time with other of her friends. She came to the choir programs, the plays, and the clown gigs in which I participated.  She was always my silent supporter.

Diminished hearing, hiatal hernia, and atrial fibrillation took Rhoda to the hospital sometimes weakened her and limited her activities.  Rachel and Conrad made frequent trips to monitor our needs.  Finally they suggested that it might be wise for us to move to Indiana to be with Rachel  and in winter time spend some time with Conrad Texas. We agreed, not because we were unhappy in Sunnyside, but to be closer to family.

So another move loomed. Eldon and Rachel remodeled parts of their house to accommodate us. Then they and Conrad came to Sarasota for us. Eldon and Conrad drove a rental truck to Indiana and Rachel, Rhoda and I followed them in our car.Occupants of the truck and car kept in sync with each other by cell phones.

We took with us some uneeded furniture  to share with folks in Indiana, but we took  our craftmatic beds to be used. We were grateful for them.



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