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When Rhoda left me I felt alone and lonely.  I soon became aware that I needed a close friend.  In this post I take the opportunity to inform you that I am now blessed to have  a close friend with whom to share the adventures of life.  We have mutually agreed that our friendship will not lead to marriage.  We are both over 80 years in age.  We understand that our close friendship does not mean that we love our former spouses less.

On valentine day I gave my close friend a tablespoon of candy tablets that carried trite messages appropriate for the day.  She gave me a card with two hearts.  One heart said “Some people come into our lives”  The second heart continued the message, “Leave footprints on our hearts”  Underneath the hearts was the line that continued the message, “. . . we are never the same.”  Then my close friend added in her own writing, “Thank you for being my special friend.”  Her message carried more meaning than the candy hearts I gave her.

The Laughing Jesus

The Laughing Jesus

This reminded me of the love of Jesus for the people whom he met as he walked the dusty paths of Palestine.  His life left foot prints that impact the world today. The world will never be the same again. I wish to be like him.

I understand that there is such a thing as a messiah complex and that I may be subject to it. I do not pretend to be the Messiah.  I only wish to be the jester in the Messiah’s court and point to the reality that it is the life of Jesus, relived in men and women today, that is the hope of the world.  The Old Fool’s goal is to leave behind some footprints, and motivate others to leave behind their footprints, that together we may point the way that Jesus lived, and leave behind a world that is changed for good.

My Father, J. Irvin Lehman

My Father, J. Irvin Lehman

I do not remember many of my father’s sermons.  But one that sticks in my mind is a sermon on the two great commandments.  I remember that my father said that if we love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength we will love everything and everyone that God loves.

So on this, the day after Valentine Day I tell you of my close friend, and of the good news of the Life of Jesus as preached by the Old Fool.

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About Martin Lehman

I was born 92 years ago, the son of a Mennonite pastor and organic gardener in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. At age 10 I was baptized as a member of the Marion Mennonite Church. I own the "Old Fool" moniker because I want to walk the Jesus Way even though the world and much of the church takes me as a fool for doing so. In my life I have moved from being a young conservative to an elderly radical. I tell that story in My Faith Journey posted on my website.
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2 Responses to Highlight – A Valentine Message

  1. Lois Hartzler says:

    Thanks for sharing the Valentine message. We are glad to know of your special friendship. We wish you both many happy times together.
    As Garrison Keillor says, “Be well. Do good work. Keep in touch.”
    Lois and Roy

  2. Kim Krady Forte says:

    Uncle Martin,
    Footprints is always a great way to remember the Life of Jesus. My Religious Education Class for Special Needs Children made a Valentine for Jesus –
    Jesus, Please be My Valentine
    You make my Life complete
    I can take my Cares to You
    And lay them at Your Feet…
    Keep Sharing your Faith as it has Increased My Own Faith. Love, Kim

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