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The Will to Compromise

My daughter and son-in-law are both strong-willed and strong-minded individuals.  I am privileged to live with them. Before they married they promised each other that neither would be the head of their home,  but that they would be happy through … Continue reading

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Grits, and Politics

A neighbor in Tampa taught me how to eat southern grits.  First, he put cooked grits on his plate, dropped a large glob of butter in the center of the hot grits to melt, and added salt.  Finally, place a soft poached egg on the grits; stir the egg into the … Continue reading

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Highlight: A Word on Politics

The Old Fool observes as do many others that our system of governance is broken.  He recognizes, too, that he is only one citizen of many, but he is still fool enough to offer his ponderings. The Old Fool understands that democrats are a liberal … Continue reading

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