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Roots & Branches; Leaves & Fruit

The Old Fool wrote “Roots & Branches, a narrative history of the Amish and Mennonites in Southeast United States, 1892-1992.”  He thinks he is sometimes moving among the leaves and fruit.  Like when he was a boy and climbed the big sweet-cherry tree that grew along Lehman Road … Continue reading

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The Next Day

The Old Fool has a draft of a post that is ready to be polished a bit and be posted this evening.  But he began thinking about Rhoda. (Part of yesterday was a memorial service.)  So this evening he got out the … Continue reading

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My day of rest?

Last night was long and satisfying.  The Old Fool  awakened too late to arrive at church early, like he had been taught by his father.  So he sat further from the front than he usually does.  Everything: songs, scriptures  and prayers focused on sabbath, rest. During the … Continue reading

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