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The New Year (2019)

With absolute quietness the New Year sneaked up on us and captured the world’s attention. On the afternoon, me on my electric powered scooter quietly fourd our way through the halls of Greencroft to the healthcare exit just across from Manor IV which includes the apartment of My Joyce. (I should give the scooter a name.)

I had weighed myself that morning and called my cousin in Arizona that to tell him weighed 227 pounds, and to tell him that I wanted his help to lose some of those pounds. He told me I should fast for a day. I agreed but immediatly broke the promise.

Rachel had delivered a pot of traditional Haitian pumpkin soup to Joyce. Knowing that I was coming she stayed in the parking lot until she could give me a New Year hug. the hug and the soup she had delivered were special. Joyce rushed to open door 33 for me and in her haste and to her embarressment she locked us out of her apartment.

Joyce’s apartment is accross from the laundry and it sports a telephone for just such an occasion so she used it to call for a man with a key to her door. So that idignity was soon overcome. Neither of us were hungry so she put the soup in the oven to cool while we began to read about the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency in Botswana, Africa. We had read through more than two thirds of the book so we could finish it.

With a farewell to Africa’s rich culture our thoughts reutrned to Rachel’s Haitian pumpkin soup. Warmth from the oven’s light gave the soup to pleasant feel in the mouth. We enjoyed it fully.

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Christmas 2018

The Christmas story remains the same, but the way we observe it changes. When I was very young, my Aunt Lizzie lived in our home and each year she gave me a doll baby. I accepted her gift, but when I thought myself too old for a baby gift, I cried on receiving it. So on later years she gave me a harmonica (mouth organ) which pleased me.

This year our family celebrated Christmas by going to an Amish home for a feast. If I remember correctly there 22 of us. The youngest one was two years old, and the oldest one was ninety two years old I was the oldest one. The youngest one walked to me and asked for a “high five” by the way he positioned his hand. His name is Javier with the spanish J pronounced as the English H in “how”. He had visited me here at Greencroft Evergreen and we had an inteeresting time of exploration. He is in the long, slow process of discovering who he will be as he grows to be a man.

The surpise of the evening was the presence of my oldest grandson Kyle Spenser who came from his home in Waynesvoro, Pennsylvania. He came here to have lunch with me at Greencroft. I looked forward to that and hoped to show him my surroundings and slso where Joyce lives in Manor IV. Kyle came as planned, but his Dad had plans for him that required that he leave promptly. But in 92 years I have learned to deal with disappointment.

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Back again

All of us are approaching the official Thanksgiving Day and I am giving thanks now for what health I have. You all know I am 92 years old and getting older each hour of every day.  Joyce and I still rejoyce in our friendship. We have read books by Maya Angelou and were challenged by her liffe and testimony

I am also challenged by the work of Sarah Quesada. She is married to an immigrant from Guatamala. She tells their story in her book “Undocumentated” which was published by Heral Press. Since then they have parented two children while living in Atlanta, Georgia.

Sarah continues to blog on behalf of immigrants Her blog is named “Roadmap” if I have it correctly, Her blogs link to podcasts and other sources of information about immigrants.  I have been in touch today with my webmaster and I hope to be able to post more faithfully in the future.

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